Monday, March 4, 2013

The Non Profit Organizations Are Making The World A Better Place: The Real Voices Of Friends Of Pimpollo: Blas - Donate And Support

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Meet Blas. Blas is an enthusiastic student at Símbolos Patrios Elementary in Vicente Guerrero, a transitional community across the street from Oaxaca's municipal garbage dump. His family makes their living from the dump, collecting bottles to sell. Blas is a very smart kid. He works hard in school and wants to go to college. "I would like to be an example for my brothers and sisters," he says, "I want them to think I am smart, and I want them to follow my example and to go to school."

Please visit to learn how you can help students such as Blas!

Friends of Pimpollo is registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in Salem, Oregon.

Our mission, as a volunteer organization, is to develop and support education based projects and programs focused on poor children and their families of Mexican heritage. We are committed to providing unconditional love and support, improving their lives, and helping them move towards a better future and self-sufficiency through education. We will do this by creating a bridge that connects them with volunteers and donors who want the opportunity to contribute, grow and change.

Friends of Pimpollo
P.O. Box 1107
Salem, OR 97308

A special thank you to Wavelength Multimedia for this wonderful video!

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