Monday, March 25, 2013

The End Of Private Capitalism System And The Start Of Open One Community Video Blog 2: Open Source Education, SEGO Center, Tropical Dome Open Source Project-launch Blueprinting | Sustainability | Transformational Education | Holistic Living | Self-sufficient Living | For The Highest Good of All Thinking | Building Teacher/Demonstration Communities, Villages, and Cities | One Community | Free-sharing | 501c3 |

We believe free and open source information sharing is the future of frictionless innovation and collaborative global change. It is one of our foundational values and what we feel is the next logical step in the evolving human story. To facilitate this forward movement for all of humanity, we are not just designing, demonstrating, and sharing open source blueprints for comprehensive sustainability and 7 different sustainable village prototypes - we are purposing ourselves to function indefinitely as an open source project-launch blueprinting organization.


What "open source project-launch blueprinting" means is that we are creating everything we do as open source and free-shared blueprints specifically purposed to make duplication and evolving them easy, without copyright, patents or limits of use, as launching-points for additional projects. This will be able to be done modularly or as complete model villages that evolve the One Community template for establishing successively more duplicable teacher/demonstration communities, villages, and cities of people living and collaborating globally for The Highest Good of All. To maximize our effectiveness, we are combining experts in all aspects of sustainability and resource efficiency creation with a team of individuals skilled in professional audio, video, internet, tutorial, and other tool creation so we can make everything we do duplicable, user friendly, easily accessible, and available to everyone.

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