Monday, March 4, 2013

The Entire World Is Changing :) Adopt The Arts Is A Non-Profit Charitable Foundation Dedicated To Saving The Arts In Public Schools

divine feminine is healing the world, people are happy, love surrounds everything

Adopt the Arts is a non-profit charitable foundation dedicated to saving the Arts in public schools. Please make a donation @

It is the mission of Adopt the Arts Foundation to bring together well-known artists, celebrities, public figures, policy makers and the general public to save the arts in America's public schools. We believe that it is morally and ethically incumbent upon us to foster the creativity, dreams, hopes, and imaginations of our children. Adopt the Arts Foundation is dedicated to improving the academic performance of every child through the gift of making art and music.

Adopt the Arts is raising money to keep arts education in public schools in Los Angeles, and as we grow, we hope to move to other cities. LAUSD threatens to cut funding for arts education every year. For this current school year, the budget was cut 30% from the 2010-2011 school year. For the upcoming school year the budget has been eliminated and there will be no art and music classes in LAUSD elementary schools. Parent groups and booster clubs are now required to tirelessly fundraise to pay for the arts education teachers provided by the district, or to hire their own teachers who are independent contractors. This is not possible for the vast majority of schools in the district.

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