Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Live In Harmony With Nature - One Community Update Blog 1: SEGO Center, Aquapinis, Tropical Dome, & Free Education - Free Non Profit

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Here's our overview site: http://www.sustainabilitynonprofit.org
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Who We Are:
We believe humanity has the opportunity to transition to a culture of creation over consumption if we can demonstrate sustainable sustainability, and distinct individual benefit to best practice sustainability, as a model for living a life for The Highest Good of All. To achieve this, we feel demonstrating and open source sharing duplicable models with obvious and measurable benefits is necessary because just to be off the grid, or contribute to the world, is not enough for most people to make a shift; any sustainability model that is going to be embraced by the mainstream will need to demonstrate significant individual benefit. Broadening sustainability beyond food, energy, and shelter to include more diverse cultural and human needs is one way to accomplish this.

Here's more information:

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Read more about our comprehensive sustainability model: http://www.onecommunityranch.org/more...

Read more about living and creating for The Highest Good of All:

Read more about the SEGO Center City Hub:

Read More About Pod 1 and the Tropical Dome:

One Community Education Program Portal:

We believe people have the capacity to make decisions in the interest of what is best for everyone. If enough of us do this it has the potential of moving our entire planet towards a consciousness of living for The Highest Good of All. We already see this in those people conducting business ethically and living a genuine life of integrity and forward-thinking progress and contribution. As more and more people choose this, we are offering non-profit leadership to truly unite our world for the best of everyone by providing a roadmap that assists even more people in living for The Highest Good of All; not in a utilitarian "majority rules" or "our way is better than your way" approach, but one with the interests of all humankind in mind and a diversity of options for implementation as broad as the perspectives of the people who may want them.

It is for this reason we are committed to being a for The Highest Good of All organization interested in working with others for The Highest Good of All too. While many call this overly ambitious, we consider it foundational to our organization and to be simply best practice sustainability because it is a commitment to living in integrity with each other as individuals, and as a species, and moving forward demonstrating a consciousness focused on what is for the best of everyone.

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