Monday, March 25, 2013

Open Source Practices Has Reshaped The Economy Landscape Making Scarcity Obsolete Mik Kersten @SXSW 2013: Social Code Graph & The Future Of Open Source

The future of collaboration is all about social tasks, autonomy and transparency.
This is awesome!!!!! #codegraph #sxsw #automate
annebot @annebot

I want @mozilla to implement a social #codegraph today, please. Tracking collaboration and projects with #opensource code graphs is BA #SXSW
Lizz Noonan @LizzNoonan

This #codegraph session is like my MBA Operations classes taught by a developer. Loving the lean prod in software context! #sxsw #sxswi
Brian Slattery@BrianSlatts

Love seeing #lean manufacture applied to open source software. A critical lesson for success in software and ops #codegraph #swsx
Rob Hirschfeld @zehicle

@mik_kersten SUPERB presentation yesterday afternoon at SXSW. Would love to chat about other apps of the tool.
Jim Buckley @JRBuckley68

Mik Kersten #codegraph : #SXSW : open source code graph indexed by task and person... the new org chart... who commits moves up in influence
Gluu @GluuFederation

great reminder of why I am at @tasktop. @mik_kersten is brilliant and passionate. #codegraph #SXSWi
Neelan Choksi @neelan

Where would we be w/o #opensource? Great pres from @tasktop CEO #mik_kersten. #sxsw
Lisa K. Wells@ProductPrincipl


The open source movement has turned the software development landscape on its head by creating tools that enable the inmates to start running the software asylum. Just as the world changed when social networking tools made it trivial for us to externalize our relationships and activity streams, a new collection of open source collaboration tools has made it easy for developers to go far beyond dumping code into Subversion. Developers are now externalizing their collaboration practices and workflows into a loosely coupled social code graph connected by tasks and relationships.

A new breed of tool-supported open source practices is reshaping the economy landscape and making software delivery the most transparent and connected knowledge work process. During this talk, Mik will explore this transformation, show how it will impact software development in the next decade, and illustrate how today's developers are helping to shape the digital workplace of tomorrow.

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