Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Better World Is Emerging – Join The Resource Revolution (^^)//

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Welcome to the Resource Revolution

Energy security and raw material scarcity are driving radical new business models around recovery and reuse.

This transition from waste to resource not only requires more strategic thinking, but smarter ways of working. Resource management is shifting from a linear to circular economy, causing the emergence of closed loop models that power innovation.

Underpinning these resource flows are new dynamics around material optimisation and carbon economics as manufacturers, retailers and brand leaders seek to take greater ownership of their waste streams for commercial gain. The waste industry itself is being fundamentally reshaped as a result.

Greater levels of sophistication are being built into processes, logistics and technologies to extract higher value from material streams. New alliances are being forged to discover solutions and drive  action.
As the resource economy of the future starts to turn, this series will capture the game-changers who are redefining the concept of waste and revolutionising the way society thinks and deals with it.

There are major risks and rewards for key players in this unfolding resource revolution and together with sister title LAWR is ideally positioned to chart those changes.

The Resource Revolution series is an extended campaign, comprising rich content, insight, and networking opportunities.

It will include an in-depth market survey and resulting research report, a series of high-level multi-media interviews, print supplement, live panel discussion and a brand new, high-profile gala awards event.

The campaign is extensive in its reach, covering both the commercial and industrial and municipal sectors, and will provide essential data, facilitate thought leadership and encourage and support innovation during this exciting time of change.

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