Tuesday, March 26, 2013

We Are Moving Towards A Female Dominated World Where Voluntary Emotional Cooperation Is The New Way Of Living :) 3-25-2013 One Community Update And What Is Highest Good Of All

http://www.onecommunityranch.org for The Highest Good of All (starts at 5: 30) | One Community | Non-profit | Open Source | Free-shared | Teacher/Demonstration Village | Creative | Cooperative | Collaborative | Path to Happier People | Global | Altruistic | Philanthropic | Humanitarian | Sustainable | Duplicable | Solution Based Thinking | Project-launch Blueprinting

We believe even a small group of people living for The Highest Good of All by cooperating, collaborating, and committing to holding each other accountable to a consciousness focused on what is for the best of everyone has the potential to transform the world. Thinking and creating for The Highest Good of All is true stewardship and foundational to our vision and values and our idea of best practice sustainability. Everything One Community does is approached with this stewardship mindset and moving forward with what we feel is in the best interest of each other, all people, and the planet. Areas we are specifically focused on as a Highest Good of All organization include:

-Open source project-launch blueprinting
-501c3 non-profit sustainability leadership
-Expanding the concept of sustainability to include holistic living and emotional sustainability
-Building a prototype for self-sufficient and self-replicating teacher/demonstration villages, communities, and cities to be built all over the world with the interests of all humankind in mind and a diversity of options for implementation as broad as the perspectives of the people who may want to implement them

Learn more about our open source project-launch philosophy and projects:

Here's our Open Source Education for Life Portal Page:

Here's our SEGO Center City Hub Portal Page:

Here's our Sustainable Food Systems Portal Page:

Here's our Facebook Updates Page:

Our Websites:

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