Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Please Donate And Support Open Source Projects :D Educate Yourself For Free Online - Tutorial - Musical Tesla Coil - Midi Interrupter Kit

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http://www.thegeekgroup.org - Chris and Paul solder the components onto the circuit board for our Mini Musical Tesla Coil Kit. Watch step-by-step as the interrupter board comes together. The board is then demonstrated on TGG's mini Tesla Coil.

They are $50 a piece in our store: http://thegeekgroup.org/store/kits/te...

Our Solid State Tesla Coil Interrupter has been designed to be fully arduino compatible. We worked very hard to make it fully polytonal, which means it can play chords of up to 12 notes simultaneously (assuming a 75MHz processor is used). The board is linked via a fibre optic cable to the SSTC. Music is interpreted via a MIDI input that can be generated via any instrument or even directly from a PC. Or any number of midi files can be played directly from an SD card using the onboard micro SD reader. A button on the board is used to skip to the next file on the card. Two LEDs indicate the various states the board is in.

This whole project is fully Open Source. Several software examples are provided via a CC+BY+NC license.

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