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3.8 (Winston) 03/08/2013
+ lightning-link.iges
+ AR-15_lower_shadowkitfox_version.stl
+ practice_gun.stl

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Welcome to DEFCAD, operated by Defense Distributed. This site is a makeshift response to Makerbot Industries' decision to censor files uploaded in good faith at Thingiverse, specifically firearms-related files. We are hosting as many of the pulled files as we can find. Check the news section for updates.
  • mag_coupler_post
  • AR-15 30 Round High Capacity Magazine
  • hole_punch_gun
  • zip
  • Sound Moderator
  • droidblock
  • Triple Shotshell Carrier
  • AR-15 Reinforced Lower Receiver
  • AR15 Print 1
  • cnnmoney
  • makerbot
  • Printed Lower

    Printed Reinforced AR Lower Review

    1 standard

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