Monday, March 4, 2013

British People Are Awakening - Silence Is Treason - We Are An Independent, Not-For-Profit, Campaign, Research And Advocacy Organization.

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Nick Lowles, Kicked out of Harold Wood, Havering, East London

Published on Mar 3, 2013 by EDLTheSpan
Original video available here:

Muslim Paedophile supporter and traitor to this nation kicked out of East London by true Patriots. A massive WELDONE. You, the scum of the left - Hope Not Hate and the UAF - the fight is on....we will not stand anymore of your bullshit. We will confront you and we will treat you as traitors.

No Surrender


Set up in 2012. We are an independent, not-for-profit, campaign, research and advocacy organization.

We work with different organizations from British and non-British backgrounds, to campaign for justice for British peoples.

Our research work includes writing articles, monitoring the media, catalogue crimes and producing papers on Anti-British hate crime.

The aims of the Nationalist Media Network are:

1. To champion the rights & duties of British peoples as human beings.

2. To promote a new social order, based on truth, justice, righteousness, & generosity, rather than selfish interest.

3. To demand virtue & oppose wrongdoing in the exercise of power (from - e.g. political, judicial, media, economic, etc.).

4. To gather information about, & to publicise, atrocities, oppression, discrimination, & other abuses of British peoples rights.

5. To campaign for redress, & to support the victims, of such crimes.

6. To campaign to bring the perpetrators & their accomplices to justice.

7. To cooperate with other Nationalist groups & individuals where such cooperation is likely to further the achievement of these aims.


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