Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Private Corporate CISPA's New Language Changes Nothing About Privacy - The Private Government Works In Breach Of Trust :)

CISPA was passed behind closed doors by the House Intelligence Committee, and by a wide margin. There are new amendments in the language about CISPA affecting citizens' personal privacy...but really, the amendments do very little. A lot of it is just verbage that makes the passage more confusing and lengthy. But when the CISPA amendments get into personal privacies, there are plenty of loopholes and outs readily visible that gives government agencies "an out" if they wanted to go ahead and share any of our private data.

So, what does this mean? Why does CISPA keep coming back, despite virulent public outcry?

Will it ever end?

Visit the Electronic Frontier Foundation to oppose CISPA and alert your representative:

Read more about CISPA's amendments:

Read more from The Verge:

Read more from Tech Dirt:


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