Monday, March 25, 2013

The Future Is Awesome - One Community Update Blog 3 & What Is Open Source Project- Launch Blueprinting - Unconditional Love :: Open Source | Non-profit 501c3 | Sustainability | Eco-living | Global Transformation | Free-sharing | One Community | For The Highest Good of All | Sustainability Non-profit | Education for Life Program | Aquaponics Design | Aquapini Design | SEGO Center City Hub Update | Global Collaboration

This video is our sustainable living communities open source project-launch blueprinting update for the week of 3/11 including updated aquaponics/aquapini drawings, the newest SEGO Center City Hub export, open source Education for Life updates, and more. Also our weekly blog update (first three minutes) and a 17 minute discussion about what is open source project-launch blueprinting, what do we hope to accomplish with it, and why are we doing it.

Here's the link to the blog I mention:

Learn more about our open source project-launch philosophy and projects:

Here's our Open Source Education for Life Portal Page:

Here's our SEGO Center City Hub Portal Page:

Here's our Sustainable Food Systems Portal Page:

Here's our Facebook Updates Page:

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