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The Spec That Brings Us Freedom

Household chemicals cause cancer, birth defects, wide range of health issues, WHO study admits 

How to halt migraines without prescription drugs

By now, active observers of the open source world will have heard of the trademark dispute between the Python Software Foundation (PSF) and Veber, a small hosting company in the UK.

BREAKING Bank Of England to consider NEGATIVE interest rates. 

Gun Companies Boycotting Law Enforcement In Anti-Gun States Grow By More Than 700% In 1 Week

American Caesarism – Gun Control

127 corporations that want to “Fix the Debt” by gutting your retirement WoW !

ITALIAN STOCKS PLUNGE NEARLY 5% — Borrowing Costs Surge After Upset On Election Night

Struggling families can now apply for nonprofit's Pet Food Stamps

Packing Up A Solar-Powered Plane That Will Fly Across America [Video]

Free Vibrators: Trojan to Give Away Thousands of Sex Toys on Miami Beach

Homeless man sues parents for ‘too little love’

Swedish women warned off dating 'US men' online

'Day of Resistance': Thousands of gun law protesters rally across US (PHOTOS)

Court Rules There Is No Right To Carry A Concealed Weapon

Mayor of London Reveals MI5 Spies Recruit & Film VIP Paedophiles Raping Kids For Political Blackmail

Kim Dotcom's Mega to expand into encrypted email

Internet entrepreneur fighting extradition from New Zealand says file storage service now has more than 3 million users

Chinese Junk Patents Flood Into Australia, Allowing Chinese Companies To Strategically Block Innovation 

Police in Stockholm were surprised on Monday to find that a man they had arrested for buying sex from a prostitute was the duty prosecutor to whom they were obliged to report the crime.

How Demography Is Changing Japan

Church of Scientology denies holding woman in isolation

Spain employs murderer as security expert

Tony Blair: People are still 'very abusive' to me 10 years after the Iraq War

Rats: Scratch and sniff landmine detection

Minister: 'ban smoking in cars carrying children'

Court: Anti-whaling protesters are 'pirates'

Black police officer faces charges for not investigating racial taunts against himself

Sex, secrets, and the race for the next pope 

Deutsche Bank Is Caught In A Spiral Of Lies

World From Berlin: Italy's 'Childlike Refusal to Acknowledge Reality' 

Schulz: No to EU budget, Yes to free trade with US

French unemployment level hits 15-year high

INSIGHT-In Spain, banks buck calls for mortgage law reform

In 2011, 27% of children aged less than 18 were
at risk of poverty or social exclusion

In the face of continued economic uncertainty, many European voters have increasingly rallied behind far-right nationalist ideas.

Chroniques d'un hiver européen - Episode 1 : Athènes, de la récession à la dépression

German draft bill on fracking ready for parliamentary debate

The Key to Saving the Euro Zone: Inconsistency

Wikileaks Tranparent Government - WACA PUBLIC MEETING – 1 March – Melbourne

Budget Cuts May Impede Pentagon’s Ability to ‘Address WikiLeaks’

320mb of Spying Work on Anonymous IRC networks by Bank of America

Commissioner Potocnik will sing for fewer cars

BP On Trial: “Gross Negligence” in Oil Spill

AEP to stop burning coal at Ohio coal-fired power plant, two others under revised clean-air agreement

Former BP America chief says company knew blowout was possible 

Recently proposed legislation in Maryland would require all meat sold in the state to bear a label identifying which antibiotics the animal consumed. A sister bill would seek to restrict use of antimicrobials in Maryland meat production.

Tragedy in New Zealand: Dozens of Critically Endangered Birds Dead, Cause Unknown

The Navy Goes Green: Mother Jones And The Climate Desk Highlight A Major Energy Transformation In Our Military

Maryland Man Jailed for Selling Fake Renewable Fuel Credits

The Environmental Trial of the Century -

Ford Heights incinerator to close for good,0,4010485.story

2 proposed bills target refinery safety

Chinese pollution study 'blocked on grounds of state secrecy'

Import Ban Sought on Asian Crabs

One Nation, Under Monsanto - Democracy is polluted with special interests and corrupt politicians. 

Limiting Citizen Challenges to West Texas Radioactive Waste Dump

Health officials urge action on endocrine disrupting chemicals

U.S. carbon emissions dip to 1994 levels

Coal is Coming Undone in Texas

Report: Efficiency Is a More Important Economic Driver Than Energy Supply

NPD: Illegal P2P music sharing declined 17% in 2012 as Internet users turn to free, legal streaming services

Cablevision sues Viacom for forcing it to pay for channels no one wants

Sign That Chinese Hackers Have Become Professional: They Take Weekends Off

Boy scares off lions with flashy invention

Torvalds strongly objects to Windows 8 secure boot keys in the Linux kernel 

Computer programming education needed: Column

French anti-piracy law "Hadopi" wants mandatory spyware in all operating systems. 

Why Marissa Mayer Banned Work-From-Home at Yahoo!

Game of Thrones director says 'cultural buzz' more important than ratings for survival.

100,000+ Americans demand legal right to unlock phone

LG says it’s done fighting the ‘specs war,’ will focus on crafting novel smartphone features

Google Glass Will Not Publish Your Social Security Number

Google exec calls Motorola acquisition an insurance policy against Samsung

Welcome to the U.S. Copyright Alert System, Where Companies Can Slow Your Internet If You Download Illegally

Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Chris Bosh Campaign For More Programmers

Sprint smartphone sales help Android jump ahead of iPhone in the U.S.

Why I'm quitting Facebook

Is Comcast America's most powerful corporate lobbyist? Average US broadband speed more than 90% slower than Japan's - but costs 12 times more.

EFF is pleased to see the Indiegogo campaign page of Internet startup CentUp has returned after the page was briefly taken down in response to a complaint by a patent troll.

Why life through Google Glass should be for our eyes only

Think Texas is 'small government?' Think again! Dallas ready to install hidden license plate scanners that attempt to pinpoint your location at all times...

Facebook to team up with real-world data brokers to pick ads for you

Supreme Court dismisses challenge to surveillance law 

Supreme Court rejects case against warrantless wiretapping

US Internet providers start spy program to stop file-sharing Free Music from:
Music - Thought Police by Rick Clarke.
The copyright of this music remains the property of Rick Clarke.


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