Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Universal Mother - Restore The Balance From Within To Affect The Outside - Become A Infinite God Fractal In Harmony With All That It Is

love is awesome, life is amazing, we are all connected, life is a duality game

A great deal of this work is supported by viewers like you. If this has changed your outlook on life and you have the ability to contribute then click the provided link to assist us in continuing the Mission so others may experience joy through a collective effort.

Be Responsible For What You Are And Aware Of What You Think About This Reality. Feed This World With Your Caring Feminine Part Of You. Be Positive :)
Don't Fight the Archons Be Best Friends With The Archons..Learn From Them As They Learn From You :D

To send reinforcements go to http://www.resistance2010.com/page/re...

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