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Support Open Source Revolution - Everyone In The World Is Coding.. How Well? Hmm..Check Your Thoughts.. Let’s Start Now! Be Happy :)

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LiveCode lets you create an app for your smartphone, tablet, desktop computer or server, whether you are a programmer or not. We are excited to bring you this Kickstarter project to create a brand new edition of our award-winning software creation platform.

LiveCode has been available as a proprietary platform for over a decade. Now with your support we can make it open and available to everyone. With your help, we will re-engineer the platform to make it suitable for open source development with a wide variety of contributors.

Support our campaign and help to change coding forever.
  • Launched: Jan 29, 2013
  • Funding ends: Feb 28, 2013
Have you ever had an idea for an app but don’t know how to code?
Have you ever wanted to learn how to code but found it too difficult?
Have you ever been frustrated by how long it takes to write an app?
Are you frustrated with the current state of computer science education in high school?
Do you want to help establish coding as a new form of literacy?
Are you interested in a better way to write software for your company?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then we need your help.

In 1987 Apple created a program called HyperCard. If you haven’t heard of it, all you need to know is that tens of millions of end user programmers used it. It was the easiest and most popular end user programming environment ever created, before or since.

LiveCode is like a next generation version of HyperCard. It is used to create #1 one app store apps, real-time flight booking systems and control satellites. It is used to create simple one off apps and utilities to solve day-to-day problems.

There are some things it can’t do – yet. This project is to create a next-generation LiveCode.

Our vision is that this new next-generation LiveCode will be free and open source.

It will run on every popular platform and device.

It will let you write programs in English.

And by being open, its English language programming will be extensible to any computing problem out there. That's a world first.

If you couldn’t code before, LiveCode is the answer. If you’ve used the existing version of LiveCode before and it didn’t do everything you needed, this next-generation version has you covered.

What is LiveCode? Our story.

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Computer Science Students Love LiveCode

Almost a quarter of secondary schools in Scotland are now teaching with LiveCode.
Every school that has used LiveCode for more than a year has seen a doubling of uptake in advanced computer science classes!

By supporting this project, you’ll be helping create a version of the platform even more suitable for teaching.
It will be free for schools and universities worldwide.

We believe that computational thinking and programming is a key form of digital literacy and that enabling a new generation to write interactive software is critically important in today's economy.

Students use LiveCode to create games and apps for their own smartphones and tablets. Although the LiveCode language is easy to use, it is a sophisticated and complete programming language suitable for teaching all aspects of computational thinking needed for this age group, even including advanced concepts for older students (e.g. arrays, parameter passing by reference).

The open source edition of LiveCode will be free and available to schools globally. Read more about LiveCode in Education.

What is your money going toward?

We need to raise £350,000 to fund an experienced team to do this right.

We will re-engineer the whole platform so it is easy for the community to contribute to the code base. Did you know that Linux only took off after a version of it was created that was modularized with a kernel? We’ll be doing the same to LiveCode. If you’re technical, you can read all about this here.

We will introduce a new technology called “Open Language”. With Open Language, the more technical members of our community can create English-like words and phrases to enable everyone to write programs that use any aspect of a computer or device. If you’re technical, you can read all about that here.

We will introduce a new visual editor designed around today’s usability standards. The editor will be open. The more technical members of our community can create simplified versions of the editor for tablets or primary schools.

Here is a screenshot of the prototype:

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When Will it Be Completed?
Within a month of the campaign closing we will launch the Community Edition with the source code. That version will have the source code as it is today. This will provide everyone who has made a pledge access to the platform.

Over the following few months we will be hard at work on the main goal of creating the next generation of the platform. We will restructure the code into modules that plug into a new kernel and deliver this version for testing over the summer. Once that is complete the community will be able to contribute to the source code easily.

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Technical Summary of Kickstarter Deliverables
We are going to use the Kickstarter funding to deliver the next generation of the entire LiveCode language and visual development environment. To do this we need to do some packaging and updating, including:
  • Packing the source code into community-friendly modules
  • Optimize the execution engine and some older components
  • Add a clean architecture to allow new language plugins to be developed
  • Create a new, beautiful graphical front-end for building your apps
The scope of these tasks is considerable. We will be reorganizing some half a million lines of C++ code, running on six platforms - Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and Server, into straightforward modules that plug into the new kernel. We will be porting our English-like syntax into a new uniform virtual machine layer and adding a way to let the community add its own syntax. Another team will be working on re-designing the visual editor in parallel to make the platform even easier to get started with and use!

While we will be making the code base available in its current form immediately, these important changes will take the platform to the next level, and make it much easier for the open source community to make contributions. At the end of this we will have a beautiful, consistent and openplatform.

Stretch Goals

We have designed the project to be flexible and there is so much more we can add to the new Open Source platform.

We have some truly amazing stretch goals - features for students, for gamers, for commercial companies and more. Supporting our stretch goals will let us deliver the future to you much faster. Example stretch goals include a brand new multimedia layer, new sprite capabilities and support for additional platforms!

We have goals covering virtually every enhancement request our customers have ever made, so please stay tuned.

Who You Will Be Working With


Every pledge you make is so important to the success of this exciting project and we have developed fantastic rewards to thank you for your support.

Everyone who contributes more than £12 ($20) will get a complete set of LiveCode Training Academies where you can learn everything you need to know to create your own app or game.

The pricing in euros and US dollars is an estimate and your actual conversion rate may vary slightly.
Please Make a Pledge. Thanks very much for your support.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

There is no doubt that this is a massive project. Like every software engineering project of this scope, careful planning is needed. Our experienced team of LiveCode experts have spent months planning out the delivery of this project. Everyone is looking forward to the challenge.

With your support we will deliver the next generation, open source LiveCode and bring coding to everyone.
Thank you so much for your support.

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