Wednesday, February 27, 2013

And The Truth Exposed Is Setting Us Free - Wikileaks Is Reaching World Wide - We Make Governments To Be Open And Transparent

WikiLeaks Australian Citizens Alliance

17 February 2013
Thumbnail image for Julian Assange and Tilted Scales of Justice by Nozomi Hayase

…In a way, Assange has become a symbol of the tilted scale of justice, triggering vitriol and vilification by the controllers of the levers of power.

The full force of corporate media outlets, governments and individuals worldwide have carried out unprecedented and prolonged attacks on Assange using all the classic tools of character assassination…
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Letters from Senator Ludlam

24 January 2013
Thumbnail image for Letters from Senator Ludlam by Scott Ludlum

Dear Minister,

…I respectfully request that representations be made to the Swedish government noting and regretting the potential damaging nature of these statements made about an Australian citizen, requesting their retraction or at the very least cessation…
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Inside the Hourglass: A World Rising Anew

2 January 2013
Thumbnail image for Inside the Hourglass: A World Rising Anew by Nozomi Hayase

With economic and military force, in the last decades the United States has attained sole superpower status in the world. The legacy of the US empire carries a dark history: genocide of natives, slavery of blacks and criminalizing immigrants from the South. None can deny that much of American hegemony and economic might is built on the exploitation and suffering of millions…
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