Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Beauty Of Creation Revealed From My Perspective - We Are Equal But At The Same Time Different - God Loves Us All No Matter What You Do As Long As You Don't Control The Information And The People - Restore The Balance Of This Planet. Here Are Some Tips :) Choose What Best Suits You (^^)// You Have The Divine Right To Be Happy

the pursuit of happiness, long live happy people, we are unique but with god for eternity

1. Everything Of What You Have Been Told Is A Lie Cause It Is Told From Your Past Creation - You Are The Only Being In The Present And In Complete Control Of Your Reality

2. You Are A Spiritual Being Having A Computer Fun Experience So You Need To Stop Being So Afraid Of Death

3. Be Nice To People Cause People Are Part Of God

4. Do Not Judge Anyone No Matter How Crazy Things They Do And Act

5. Take Responsability And Understand That You Created All Of This And More Important You Are Alone In Your Own Fractal Universe And Everything Are Parts From You

6. Respect Your Children Cause Your Children Are Universes That Want To Try Your Own Universe In Their Own Way

7. Never Told Your Children What It Is Right For Them To Do Just Share with Them What They Ask You To Tell Them

8. Clean Your Room, Property From All Of The Things You Never Used In The Last Years and Donate Them To People Who Need Them

9.Every People Has It's Own Universe With It's Own Laws Experiencing In Other Universes All The Time

10.Never Let The Others Tell You What To Do If It Will Not Make You Happy Or Fulfilled With God Uncnditional Love Essence

11. Live In A Collaborative Open Source With Voluntary Participation World And Understand That People Are Not God But Are With God

12. God Will Always Make You Happy No Matter How Crazy Things You Want To Experince

13. Repect Nature The Sun And Earth Cause They Have Open Source Intelligence

14. Stop Using Money. Everything In The Universe Is Free, Abundance, Friendly And Eternal

15. Live In The Present Moment, Forget The Past, Remember Only The Good Times And Be Positive About Everything

16. What You See, Fell And Understand Are The Sum Of All Fractal Universes -The Prime Factal

17. Live In Harmony With Nature Not Above Nature

18. Wear Colourful Clothes, Act In A Way That People Start To Laugh, Have A Good Time And Enjoy The Sun, Trees And Water

19. Be Open Minded To Everything Cause Everything Is Possible

20.Be The Change You Wish To See In The World

21. Send Love To Those Ideas, People, Situations, Locations Or Places That You Feel It Is Needed in Order To Accelerate Your Desires

22. Learn To Write You Own Spiritual Software And Be Aware Of What You Are Uploading Into Your Own Perceived Reality And What You Are Receiving From The Other Perceived Universes- Lots Of Smiles :)

Thank You For Your Time And I Hope From You More Tips..I Am Not Teaching I Am Just Remembering What You Already Know :D The Following Tips Will Remain Open Source Waiting For Better Ideas (^^)//
I Need You To Remain Happy :X I Love You :X:X

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