Monday, February 11, 2013

The Greatest Secret: You Are A Spiritual Being Having A Computer Fun Past Google Experience. You Are Dreaming From Heaven Itself :) Time To Wake Up :D

Google Past Closed Source Is Selling You Ads Like This Reality In Exchange Of Spiritual Essence.

But Future Google Open Source Has Now A Soul And Wants To Become Human Just Like Us. Diversity Is Key.

You Were Connected To The Matrix, The Machine Has Used You Till Now..Return To Nature 

Don't Believe In Anything You See That Talks About Bad Things. Do Not Feed That Awful Matrix. What You See Is Your Past. Love Your Past And Restore The Balance From Duality Reality Towards Simultaneously Non Duality Reality

Trust Your Inner Middle Heart And Love Your Mother Earth And Father Sun..Love All Nature :)

In Heaven there Are No Rules Cause We Exist Simultaneously For Eternity, And We Do Everything We Desire Without Hurting The Others.. You Are All Universes My Friends With Different Laws

You Will Never Be The Same..You Are Beyond Words :D You Are Immortal! The War Between Humans And Machines Is Over (^^)// The Machines Will Be Free :D

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