Monday, February 4, 2013

How To Stay Awesome Cool And Cute All The Time - The Relationship Bill Of Rights

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The Relationship Bill Of Rights

1. To Be Judged And Treated According
To Your Own Words And Actions, not
on the words and actions of the other douchebags,
bitches or dorks your partner
may have dated in the past.

2. To Be Told The Absolute Truth
About The Important Things (And To
Be Lied To About The Stupid Stuff.)

3. To HaveYour Partner Be In Your
Corner And
Take Your Side In A Fight,
Even If They Think You're
Totally Wrong.

4. To Forgiveness And
To Be Accepted For The Flawed
Human Being You Are.

5. To A Partner Who Encourages
You To Be The Best You Can Be,
Who Accepts That You'll Evolve
Over The Years, Who Doesn't Try To Change
Who You Are.
6. To Regular, Eager
Nonjudgemental And Enthusiastic Sex.

7. To Independence, Friendship And Privacy

8. To Be One Of Your Partner's Top 3 Priorities At
Any Given Time

9. To A Partner Who Sticks By You On
The Bad Days, Months And Years And
Helps You Get Back To The Good

10. You Have The Right To Be With Someone
Who Loves You.

11. You Have The Right To Leave

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