Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The End Of Private Corporate Group Interests Wars - Cut All Military Budgets And Invest In Free Renewable Energy - NON PROFIT Welcome Home Troops at the 2013 ACM's Las Vegas :)

NON PROFIT Welcome Home Troops at the 2013 ACM's Las Vegas

Welcome Home Troops has taken upon itself, the mission of "Returning the Hearts of our
Soldiers to our Homeland" and we needs your help to restore families and aid the reintegration of
military service members back into their civilian lives.

The greatest problems associated with reintegration are, that the Families, experience the transition just as dramatically as the Service Member or Veteran experiences the transition, but there is little support or relief from the stress, of re-defining their lives together. Our programs offer new novel shared experiences to assist in the development of the families new normal life.


text me: 702.348.5618

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