Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Being In Harmony With Mother Nature - Canadian Paint Pro.Com Voted Canada's 2013 Best Eco-Green Painting Value :)

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Our Green Painting Promise and Philosophy
First and foremost, quality workmanship is paramount. We simply guarantee a perfect finish.All our Green Projects are clean. Every surface is properly masked with recycled paper and canvas drop-cloth. Total protection is ensured.

We are dedicated to the professional collaborative process to ensure our clients satisfaction. We will happily work with your interior designer,or can provide you with a Green Design Professional, to provide you with the latest Green service information and professional recommendations concerning paint,color and wall coverings. Our professional collaborative process allow each Green project to become a customized experience tailoring our Green Painting services to the needs of our client, providing for special scheduling during the green renovations of your Commercial business or Home Residence

Finally, what separates us from other professional painting firms is our careful consideration of all aspects of the project pertaining to sustainability, the health of the client, as well as our staff. This includes attention to everything from paperless Cloud based Business processes for project estimates and contracts including video conference ability and email to the H2 cleaning products that we use to prepare all substrate paint surfaces. Naturally, all paints and finishes are free of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and meet the highest Leed's standards
Always Vancouver's Green Painting Choice Canadian Paint Pro.com

Canadian Paint Pro.com's environmental commitment begins with our expanding knowledge of the latest research and developments in new Green Paint products and Green Business Practices . The commitment to finding new, breakthrough technologies and superior products and materials is a constant. The end result: the creation of a balanced Green Product Portfolio of premium coatings that delivers best-in-class performance while meeting or exceeding even the most stringent environmental regulations; our products range from the most durable, performance-oriented paints to those certified by GreenGuard® and Green Seal®, and achieve LEED® credit.

Our goal: to support our customers in making the right specification decision for every project, every client. When it comes to safeguarding the environment, Canadian Paint pro.com believes that together -- citizens, government, private companies, caring organizations -- we can all make a difference and ensure that future generations enjoy our beautiful home of Planet Earth.


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