Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Importance Of Animal Creatures - KELP FOREST DANCING - A Tribute to KelpFest 2013 - by Birdsong and the Eco-Wonders.com :)

http://www.birdsongtv.com. "Have you ever seen a forest dancing like a kelp forest dances in the sea? Moving to the rhythm of the ocean, a fancy dancing forest of seaweed. Slow dancing, swaying to the rhythm. Hold fast to the bottom and reach for the sun!" Learn about the amazing sea plant called "kelp" in this fun, educational, music video for kids by BIRDSONG AND THE ECO-WONDERS. Featuring the song "Kelp Forest Dancing" from our CD "IF I WERE A FISH and Other Ocean Songs for Kids," this video captures the importance the kelp forest as a source of food and shelter for creatures that visit its underwater habitat. Featuring footage by Jean-Yves Couleaud and a live performance by BIRDSONG AND THE ECO-WONDERS, this video is a special tribute to the annual "KelpFest" that takes place in Laguna Beach, CA. For more info about KelpFest, visit http://www.kelpfest.org. "KELP FOREST DANCING" one of a growing collection of animal songs for kids by BIRDSONG and the ECO-WONDERS. Visit us at http://www.birdsongtv.com

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