Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Conservation Of Mother Nature Is Top Priority For Humanity - Go Green 2013 at Bahrain Boat Show International 2013 :)

Recently, College of Engineering lunched Go Green 2013 project that targets international competitions representing Bahrain such as, World Solar Challenge, Shell Eco-Marathon (Euro & Asia). The project mainly is to design and manufacture an improved version of the existing vehicles by using advanced materials that has higher strength to light weight materials, and also using advanced technologies to build new racing solar and hydrogen fuel vehicles.

Name: Ahmed Mahmood Al-Balooshi
Mobile: +973 39811477
E-mail: ahmed.7898@gmail.com
Go Green 2013 Team Leader,
Mechanical Engineering Student,
University of Bahrain,
College of Engineering,
Mechanical Engineering Department.
University of Bahrain Go Green 2013

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