Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Google Private Borg Is Starving To Death - Scotland Loves Europe -- Google Privacy -- EU Press Control -- Cyprus To Luxembourg :)

Nightly News from

Rick Timmis reports on the latest news sourced from the European Union, and European Commission as the EU Parliament works towards a Federai super state, and New World Order.

As the global elites strive for greater governmental control, and draw more power to the centre. Are they working towards what could be an eventual one world government under the United Nations?

Rick considers, these questions and the implications for the everyday man and woman on the street.

In today's stories:

1. Scotland loves Europe more than England, Nicola Sturgeon tells Brussels

2. Google and Privacy: 6 EU Countries Take Action

3. After Cyprus, the EU's Attention Turns to Tiny Luxembourg

4. EU Says 2020 Renewable Energy Target Still Unachievable

5. EU pours millions into groups seeking state control of press

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