Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A New Way Of Being - The Collapse Of Mandatory Private Systems - Equality And Diversity Good Practice And One World Community :)

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This is video blog #5 for us covering our progress for the week of 3/25/13. The first 11:30 are updates... from that point on we talk about Equality and Diversity Good Practice.

One Community is committed to equality and diversity good practice based on the ideas and philosophies of great leaders like Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, and the Dalai Lama by celebrating diversity as a foundation of community consciousness, global change, and for The Highest Good of All thinking. 

On the community level this means creating an environment without bias towards gender, race, religion, politics, sexual preference, age, culture, or lifestyle. On the global change level this means recognizing that we are all a part of One World Community and the more we embrace the diversity of backgrounds and ideas globally, the greater our collective, creative, and combined forward movement potential. This is the future of our planet and why diversity is one of our foundational values.

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