Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Never Give Your Personal Data To Private Medical Corporations - Balancing Privacy, Autonomy, And Scientific Progress - Part 1 :)

Balancing Privacy, Autonomy, and Scientific Progress: Patients' Rights in the Use of Electronic Medical Records for Non-Treatment Purposes
Case Western Reserve University School of Law
Law-Medicine Center

This program will focus on the impact of the transition from paper medical files to electronic health records outside of the clinical setting. Computerization will enable researchers, public health officials, and others to obtain unprecedented amounts of data that can be used to achieve significant medical and social advances. However, a tension exists between maximizing the benefits of secondary (non-clinical) use of electronic health information (EHI) and deferring to patient preferences regarding what is done with their EHI. Secondary data use thus raises complicated questions about patient autonomy, privacy protections, and the degree to which the potential to promote the common good should supersede concerns about risks to individuals. This program will bring together a distinguished group of experts to explore these fascinating issues.

Barbara Evans, University of Houston
Malia Fullerton, University of Washington
Anil Jain, Explorys, Inc.
Sharona Hoffman, Case Western Reserve University
Dr. David Kaelber, MetroHealth
Andy Podgurski, Case Western Reserve University
Suzanne Rivera, Case Western Reserve University
Marc Rodwin, Suffolk
Mark Rothstein, Louisville
Nancy Staudt, USC
Nic Terry, Indiana

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