Thursday, January 31, 2013

What is Do Not Track? Let's Make Google Monopoly Company To Respect Users Policy Privacy And Encrypt Our Search History Forever..

What is Do Not Track?

An illustrated guide by DuckDuckGo.

You may have heard about "Do Not Track."


It is a Web browser setting

Fig. 2
safari privacy setting

that sends your tracking preference to Web sites.

Fig. 3 Don't track me, bro!

You'd think turning on the “Do Not Track” setting
would make the Web sites you visit not track you.

Fig. 4 Privacy please hotel sign

But it doesn't.

Fig. 5 Double Facepalm

Do Not Track has two major holes:

Fig. 6 dog with head stuck in pipe with two holes

First, Do Not Track really means Do Not Target,

Fig. 7 targeting

so you're still being tracked  all over the net —
you're just not seeing targeted ads some of the time.

Fig. 8 fan of money

Second, it is completely voluntary,

Fig. 9 deer not sure

so Web sites might or might not honor your settings.

Fig. 10 Details from the chrome FAQ regarding the Do Not Track setting. 'At this time, most web services, including Google's, do not alter their behaviour or change their services upon receiving Do Not Track requests. (Updated October 2012)'

In other words, it is ineffective.

Fig. 11 Thumbs DOWN! FINISH HIM!

It should either have a different name,

Fig. 12 Hello my name is

or work like the United States Do Not Call list.

Fig. 13 National do not call registry

After all, it's called Do Not Track.
Anything short of not tracking is misleading.

Fig. 14 Duh! truck

At DuckDuckGo, we are a search engine
that really does not track you.

So give us a try, check out our goodies,
and support other services that really Do Not Track.

Fig. 16

Get updates on net privacy (rarely):  

Learn more about tracking at DontTrack.Us.
For more on DuckDuckGo, check out our about page and try out our search

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