Sunday, January 27, 2013

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 Development roadmap

January 18th 2013Time flies when building a website, and unfortunately, half of the launch feature list that we envisioned when we started implementing MEGA back in September has now turned into a post-launch development roadmap. These are the essentials that we will work on next:
Developer documentation enhancements:
  • Properly reformat and comment the JavaScript reference implementation so that it becomes more readable
  • Add missing command-specific documentation to the API reference
File transfer queue enhancements:
  • Vertical resizing
  • Drag & Drop to modify transfer sequence
  • Multiselect
  • Clicking on a pending transfer navigates to/marks the source file or the target folder
  • Stop/continue buttons
File manager enhancements:
  • Re-implement from scratch without underlying third-party UI framework for better performance
  • Adaptively eliminate the leftmost file path buttons at the top to maintain visibility of the upload and search buttons (we have a hack in place for this, but it only works in Chrome)
  • "Properties" option in the file context menu
Collaboration feature enhancements:
  • MEGA user-to-user messaging with file attachments, plus external RFC 4880/OpenPGP and S/MIME gateway for secure off-site e-mail communication
  • MEGA user-to-user instant messaging
  • Exported link enhancements
  • Allow for the creation of folder links (with associated crypto key) which then display the folder content live
  • Secure unauthenticated delivery web widget
  • Allow unauthenticated users to securely deliver files to MEGA users' inboxes, e.g. to submit very large files to print shops
Filesystem enhancements:
  • Activate storing all block MACs on the server (encrypted) after an upload to allow for integrity-checked partial reading. Right now, the file has to be downloaded fully to be checked.
  • Enable forking encrypted time-stamped delta file support to allow for random writing to existing files with full rollback capability
SDK enhancements
  • Complete the API documentation
  • Provide client libraries in various languages
Client applications
  • A Windows filesystem mount is currently in beta and will be available shortly
  • Linux/MacOS X filesystem mounts
  • Mobile access
  • Sync tools for all major platforms
Integrated on-site applications
  • Calendar
  • Word processing
  • Spreadsheet
MEGA as a local "appliance"
  • Load a third-party audited version of the MEGA JavaScript files from a machine that you control
  • Be immune against new bugs of any kind

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